How is travelling to Norfolk Island different to visiting other places in the world?

Travelling to Norfolk Island…

Travel to Norfolk Island

How to get here?

Travel to Norfolk Island is so much more than just booking a ticket online and turning up at the airport. It’s about being knowledgeable so you can thoroughly enjoy the many different experiences that your Norfolk Island holiday can offer ~

Our world is busy, so any time out that you take, is precious time… Time to relax, time to re-connect, time to experience.. time to ‘just be’.

Norfolk Island is located 29.04º south and longitude 167.95º east in the South Pacific Ocean approximately 1,600km north-east of Sydney, 890km north-east of Lord Howe Island and 1,100km north-west of Auckland.

The island is 3455 hectares in area with a circumference of 32 kilometres.

Norfolk Island is a petite size of only 5 kilometres x 8 kilometres.

Average flying times:

  • Auckland to Norfolk Island 1.5 hrs
  • Brisbane to Norfolk Island 2 hrs
  • Sydney to Norfolk Island 2.5 hrs

Where to stay?

Are you…

Travelling with friends? A romantic partner? In retirement? As a family? …or perhaps upon an invitation to a wedding or a birthday celebration…

There are many accommodation places for you to choose from… to suit your occasion or budget – romantic trips, solo journey, family vacations, senior travel… island getaway, two week holiday, or a family vacation…

You can stay in places which are spacious and luxurious, to compact and cute!

Lavish executive suites to delightful hotel apartments to nostalgically-remembered island homes to private self-contained cottages & B&B’s….

Get in touch with local proprietors, who will be happy to answer your queries.

Particularly if you have special travelling requirements such as needing disabled access to your apartment or a request for no stairs, close to the shopping centre etc.

What to do?

Explore the unique, beautiful and often-overlooked sights of the island… to make your trip unforgettable! An introductory tour can offer a good orientation so you can then begin to explore yourself – we highly recommend a hire car for the duration of your stay.

Do you love music? Festivals? Does your life revolve around your sport? Or do you accommodate a partner who’s life revolves around a sport?!! (Psst… There are many opportunities to escape when a sporting event is on & you’re tired of cheering!)

With a local guide, you will hear personal stories to every tour ~ from what it’s like to study at the local school to their favourite restaurant, to their most treasured community celebration…

Norfolk Island is full of delicious, seasonal food. Ask a local to recommend their favourite restaurants and places to eat so you can truly experience a unique culinary journey.

Browse our local directory for tours and attractions, wellbeing pampers, fishing charters, sporting clubs, restaurants and cafes, museums and galleries…

Our calendar shares year-round happenings on the island if you are interested in participating in a festival, sporting event, workshops and retreats…

As you explore our island, you will find layers upon layers to uncover as you start to build a deeper & deeper understanding of this small community of ours.

It could even take a lifetime; if you began with a completely blank canvas and yet, maintained a vigilant determination to pursue every single nook and cranny…. of the island, of the people… and particularly the language.

We offer a unique and enthralling experience when you visit Norfolk Island!

morla Norfolk language
sink suff Norfolk language
car beat et Norfolk language

In the Norfolk language‘Si yorlye morla’ : translates to ‘See you tomorrow/soon’ – ‘Sink suff’ : refers to ‘low tide’ – ‘Car beat et’ : is ‘You can’t beat it!’