Rocky Point in Norfolk Island

Rocky Point

The Rocky Point Reserve, to the south of the Headstone area, is beautiful with a native coastal forest and clifftops. This reserve is actually about 55 acres in size and called ‘Hundred Acres’. It was formerly named “Rocky Point” Reserve.

The forest supports native, endemic, and endangered species of flora and fauna, and is a nesting site our seabirds. Don’t forget to take your camera upon your walk in the Reserve. Walking tracks provide good access but please take care and stay on the tracks / boardwalk so as not to harm the burrows of the shearwater birds.

Further around to the south of this coastline is the Point Ross Reserve with spectacular views of Phillip and Nepean Islands.

Although difficult to access, at the tip of Point Ross is Crystal Pool. Visitors are encouraged to view the rockpools from the top of the cliff edge as it is a difficult climb down by rope over rough and slippery terrain. This area is dangerous at high tide when waves crash over the top of the pools and can quickly rip along the pools and back out to the open ocean.

If you particularly wish to venture down onto the rocks, ask a local for their guidance and don’t go by yourself. Take a friend with you.