Cascade in Norfolk Island


Cascade is located in the eastward side of Norfolk Island with bright sunrise colours dawning with each new day upon the far horizon.

Here, you will find the Cascade jetty, where fishing boats are launched and the cargo ships are unloaded. Listen to the local radio announcements for updates as to when the cargo ships are arriving. If this activity synchronises with your holiday dates, be sure to take a drive and sit upon the rocks alongside the pier to watch the unloading of the ship by the locals.

The surrounding Cascade reserve has spectacular coastal views and pastoral landscapes. At a separate drive further along from the pier, is the viewing platform of the Cockpit waterfall. Depending upon rainfall, the waterfall can either be gushing or gently flowing. This creek area preceding the waterfall, is a wonderful spot for local children to collect guppies! It’s a delightful childhood activity, particularly learning to balance little feet upon the rocks aside the creek without falling into the mud. Old play clothes are a must!

If you look high upon the hillside surrounds, you may see the Norfolk Island gannet birds nesting.

Between October and May, snowy-plumaged Tropic Birds soar the Cascade cliffs, often hovering in a vertical position and occasionally even flying backwards, a feat which is said to be ‘unique in the bird world’.

Norfolk Island birds