Anson Bay in Norfolk Island

Anson Bay

If you choose to stay in accommodation around the Anson Bay area, you will enjoy vibrant late-afternoon skyward colours as the sun sets upon the horizon on this side of the island…

Sometimes when the sun sets, colours of subtle pink hues and greys and blues are gently thrown against a misty white sky palette. At other times, the whole sky is alight with burnt oranges, fluorescent pinks and purple brushstrokes. But even when it’s stormy or overcast, unexpected surprises of colours can glow upon the evening sky… The sea birds are the moving accents upon each day’s masterpiece of setting light.

If you turn inland, your views shift to the steep mountain reserves – verdant native greens, deep steely-grey emeralds, dotted with ‘santa’s whiskers’ upon the age-old endemic pine trees.

Find one of the secluded barbecue spots upon the clifftop, pack a picnic with a nice bottle of wine, and enjoy the vistas of looking down upon the Anson Bay beach below. Keep in mind, that this beach is renown for strong rifts and currents, so take good care if you choose to swim. Make sure you check the tides and ask the advice of a local before you go.

If you would just like to beachcomb, and are feeling energetic, walk down the zigzagging track… >> all the way down to the bottom and back up again! This trek is for the not-so-faint-hearted!