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The World of Norfolk branding report in 2009, expressed;

We saw Norfolk Island as a book that had between its covers a gripping tale of history and drama, crime and punishment, love and betrayal, separation and reunion, adventure and adversity, pain and pleasure, struggle and survival, birth and death, mourning and celebration, laughter and sorrow and virtually every other emotion one can think of. Interspersed were stunning visuals of natural beauty, candid pictures of friendly people, intriguing words from a unique language and stirring thoughts that kindled haunting images and lilting songs from the past.
Visitors who picked up this book to read would find it nearly impossible to put it down. Most are engrossed throughout their amazing 7 to 10 day session of absorbing history, nature, people, food, language, culture and more.

– Mahesh Enjeti, Brand Architect – SAI Marketing

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