Frequently Asked Questions

I have just opened a small business on the island. Am I able to participate in the Community Directory with my work contact details and then add-on other things later when I can afford to?

Absolutely! We offer a free basic listing for the year. You can contact us at anytime, to find out more about how to upgrade your participation package to add in more photos, hyperlinked contact details, opening hours, specials etc. We also offer installment payment options, so get in touch and we can have a chat!

How do you best describe the Hello Pages?

It works exactly like our telephone book directory’s yellow pages, except it is online. It is freely available to search and browse.

I am a member of a sporting club committee, and we would like to be able to promote our regular sporting events and special days. Our budget is limited. Is there a way we can participate?

Yes we offer special discounted packages for sporting clubs to participate in the ‘What’s On‘ calendar of events. Pricing depends upon approximately how many events / special sporting days you anticipate hosting in the year. These can interlink with your club’s listing in the directory for direct contact details. Email us for further details:

We run a small business in building construction. We would like to promote some of the work we have completed. Can we participate and share a portfolio example of some of our works?

Our community directory listing allows for multiple photos and also short videos as promotions for your business. The set-up design component is included in the on-off fee of your participation package. All of your supplied images are adjusted for fast upload on the website. Our website is fully responsive which means your photos will re-size and be sharp when viewed in all formats such as mobile phones, tablets, laptops, desktop computers.

What steps are involved with participating?

Browse our media kit to get an idea of which design & participation package you may be interested in, and get in touch. It’s also handy to check out the other listings as this may give you an inkling of what you might like to create for your own business / service / organisation / sporting club etc. We’re happy to customise and to work towards getting the exact concept and design components sorted for you with your participation.

I have an accommodation business and I would like visitors to be able to see what features and facilities our venue has ~ Is there a way this can be included?

Yes, this is a featured option. Write down what you would like to have listed and we can set that up for you, on your page.

Is there a commission fee on bookings / sales?

No. Advertising flat fees only. It is an information portal. Contact is made direct to the owner/operator/business/service.

I’ve been a committee member of a non-profit service organisation here on the island for a number of years. We would like to be able to let the community know who is on the committee, and who to contact if there is an enquiry? Can we do this?

Yes absolutely. That is one of the top features of this directory with direct contact details and a list who’s who in your organisation / committee.

I absolutely love my Facebook business page and being able to regularly post updates and photos ~ How can the Directory help me?

Your Facebook page has a limited market reach – viewing your page is dependent upon a person being a Facebook member. By having a directory listing with us, you can have a link to your facebook page. This helps to build your likes and followers. In addition you can also have a mini-website presence with us, to provide information for those who don’t have a facebook account.

I am looking to host an information evening. I would like to not only advertise the event, but to also provide documents online for people to download if they are interested – is this possible?

Yes. Whoever clicks on your event listing in the ‘What’s On‘ calendar has the option to download pdf documents when you supply them to us. The calendar is also a fantastic way to plan your event, as you can search other listings on island to make sure your proposed date / time doesn’t clash another event being held.

How do people find my business or service?

You choose to be listed in one or more categories. We will help with writing your business /service description to include words and phrases that relate to who you are / what you offer / what you do / who to contact etc. At the top of the Directory page, is a search box – this gives an option for people type in what they are looking for ~ Or alternatively people can go directly to the category linked page to find your business / service / organisation.

What is the purpose of this website?

Norfolk Island’s information hub.

  • To provide a community directory portal that offers something for everyone to be able to participate – You can start small and add on components as your business grows or you can afford it!
  • To include a ‘What’s On’ calendar of events of all happenings on the island – in one central place.
  • To offer comprehensive Norfolk Island information for our visitors with options to help plan their holiday to the island, from a local’s perspective.
  • To share extensive information about the island, our way of life, protocols, etiquette, with specific facts and historical references in a 140+ page (free) education resource ‘A Local’s Guide to Norfolk Island.

We look forward to supporting your online initiatives and to build upon working together in our community.

If you have any further questions or queries that aren’t listed above, please get in touch.