Calendar & Special Days

in Norfolk Island

October 2020

2 October

full moon

Full moon

No good for fishing!

For the next 2 days: Good for planting all rootcrops: Beet, carrots, kumeras, onions, potatoes, leek.


1 October 1789

Arrival of Captain Bligh in Batavia

2 October 1788

42 people left Sydney to establish the first European settlement on Norfolk Island.

10 October 1774

Captain Cook discovered Norfolk Island at day break.

11 October 1790

W.C Wentworth was born on Norfolk Island.

14 October 1984

27 Norfolk Islanders made a pilgrimage to Pitcairn Island.

16 October 1799

G.H. Nobbs was born in Ireland.

25 October 1788

H.M.A.V. ‘Bounty’ arrived in Tahiti.

28 Sep – 9 Oct

Monday to Friday

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