How are you?

Born into my Norfolk Island community, I am ‘homegrown’.

My early studies in graphic design & publishing unfolded to roles of creative director, education facilitator, heritage researcher, multimedia artist and Churchill Fellow.

My love for my island home is the zest and effervescence for all that I turn my hands, ears, intuition and heart to…!

The Norfolk Navigator unites visual, verbal and aural dimensions to share a rich multimedia experience for all those seeking a deeper cultural awareness of our community traditions, customs and etiquette.

As always, none of this would be possible without the continued on-support of my kith & kin.

With much gratitude,


~ Jodie Williams

7th generation Norfolk Islander

Founder & Editor

We are very proud to feature many of Julie Hartwig’s beautiful photographs within the pages of this website…

It is with much appreciation and many thanks for her sponsorship.

To get in touch with Julie : juliehartwigphotography@gmail.com

There are many exceptional people who are participating ‘behind the scenes’ with this creative project.

I am so very fortunate for my personal connections and professional worldwide networks… in the Isle of Man, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, USA and the South Pacific.

Together, we have created ‘The Norfolk Navigator’ as a platform for cultural expression, education, celebration and information.

Jodie T. Williams & Associates

White Terns Norfolk Island