Cultural Awareness & Community

in Norfolk Island

The Norfolk Navigator shares a rich multimedia experience for all those seeking a deeper cultural awareness of our community’s traditions, customs and etiquette.

Find out more about our people, places and persona with educational resources and our Norfolk Island Yellow Pages community directory to find businesses & services on the island.


Read, watch, listen!

Do you enjoy learning about other cultures?

By experiencing another person’s culture, we can embrace new ethical ways of thinking and doing things. With gentle steps, and behaving in a mindful way we have the opportunity to cradle these new experiences.

And as we do this, we realise over and over again, that despite our ‘seeming’ differences, in language, geographical location, customs and way of life…

in so many ways, we are alike.

We share similar aspirations…

to love, to be passionate about what we do, to find joy in every day and to hold much gratitude for our family, loved ones and the place in which we call our home.

Would you like to learn more about our Norfolk Island customs & etiquette?

True mindfulness is a path, an ethical way of living, and every step along that path can bring happiness, freedom and wellbeing, to ourselves and others. Happiness and wellbeing are not an individual matter. We inter-are with all people and all species. – Thich Nhat Hanh

Customs and etiquette can be tricky to understand when travelling to a new place…

When visiting somewhere new, it can be easy to misread a cue or behave in a way that causes misunderstanding without intent.

To deepen your cultural awareness of Norfolk Island, it’s people and place, we have created this collection of resources, information and guides which we hold close to our hearts, so that you can truly enjoy your experience on the island.

What will you learn?

The heritage and sound of our Norf’k language

Culture and heritage of the island and it’s people

Social etiquette and customs that are important to us

Local traditions and the way we do things on the island

Who’s who in our local community

Protocols and environmental considerations of safety and respect.